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Last updated Oct 9, 2011


etold is a program that calculates the required performance data as specified in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) Performance Charts. As you change the configuration or conditions, the resulting data changes.

If internet access is available, the program also retrieves data about the airport (runway data, etc.) as well as weather data (TAF and METARs) for the desired airports from the website.

All data used in calculations can be overridden as desired. For instance, if you think that the temperature at the time of departure will be differnet from the current METAR, you can override the temperature that the program retrieved from the METAR.

The program attempts to parse the weather data from the METAR, however, if the METAR format is in error, the program may not be successful. In this case, the raw METAR is displayed so that you can interpret the various data needed for the calculations.

Program Features

The program has: The following menus are available. Note that the Windows version does not support initiating phone calls or email because of the large variety of system configurations and so the phone numbers and emails will be displayed for manual use.

Command Buttons

Departure and Arrival Weather

Note that the Departure Weather screen and the Arrival Weather screen are identical.

Departure Data

Arrival Data